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Our Company “M/s Agrawal Constructions Co. (Cement & Steel Products)” formally known as "M/s Agro Products" is into Hume Pipe manufacturing since last 40 years. We were amongst the first five Hume Pipe manufacturing units in Madhya Pradesh. The company was established with the object of manufacturing, popularizing and marketing Hume Pipe and Allied Products. The company is registered with District Industry and Trade Centre, Chhindwara.

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Our Products

We are producing Precast Hume Pipes & Allied Products as follows:


Precast Hume Pipes of class NP2, NP3 & NP4

200 mm to 1200 mm diameter Sizes of all Class.

We deem it a privilege of supplying R.C.C. Hume Pipes and Allied Products to your esteemed organization for the SH Project.


Paver Blocks Fencing Poles

Zigzag -100mm

Zigma (Red) – 60mm

Zigma (Grey) - 60mm

Flexible Pole – 1970 mm

1 KM Stone – 1100 mm

5 KM Stone – 1530 mm

Curb Stone – 0.42, Thickness – 100mm

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Manufacturing Methodology of RCC Hume Pipes


According to mix design and regular checking aggregates, water and Cement are used by weight. Instructions are given to consume mixture within "30 minutes for its proper strength. IS 456 is followed for this.

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All moulds are properly cleaned from Hand Grinder after opening. Proper supports are given for centering of cages. {If It is higher dia 2 cages are made as per IS: 458 and upper cage is always 75% of inner cage}Proper oiling is done on moulds as well as on bushes and rings. These are properly packed with tie rods and nut-bolts.

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After molding moulds are properly kept on runners with the help of Chain Pulleys. Initially while pouring the mixture RPM of machine is very slow for proper pouring and thanRPM are up to 1500 as per the requirement of IS: 458. When the proper spinning is done it leaves extra water which gives the strength to the pipe. After it, finishing of pipes is done by cutting from rods and brushes.

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While de-molding, with the help of Chain pulleys moulds are separated. Moulds are de- molding after 24 hours for proper quality of pipes.

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After de-molding with the help of Trolleys, Hydra and ceilings pipes are kept in curing tanks for proper curing. Rotation of pipes is done daily and 24 hours Sprinklers are on. After completion of curing, pipes are taken out from tanks and storage is done.

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